Sustainable Energy
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We are danish renewables
What we do

what we do

We develop sustainable energy projects


Danish Renewables develops photo-voltaic sites throughout the world. We believe solar has a prominent role to play in meeting the growing demands for cheap and reliable electricity


Danish Renewables is a developer of onshore wind projects. As renewable energy specialists, we are experienced in the identification, design, development and construction of onshore wind energy projects. Currently Danish Renewables is in the development phase of several wind projects in multiple locales.

Our people

See below for an overview of our key people

Esben K. Christensen
founder and
Managing director

12 years of experience in international renewable energy Business development and transactions.

James Tyson
Legal Counsel

7 years of legal experience with transactions within renewable energy.

August Lund

Many years experience in investment banking and capital markets, among other things through working at Goldman Sachs.

Jonas Anderson

Years of international experience in industry liaison roles, including being industry liaison between France Telecom and Ofcom in the UK.


We work in a variety of geographic locales

50MW PhotoVoltaic installation in Nees, Denmark

The solar panels are located on large green fields just outside of the town Nees in the Northwestern part of Jutland. The fields offer perfect conditions for organic farming as no chemicals or pesticides are used on vegetation or for maintenance of the solar panels.


Danish Renewables developed a commercial scale solar project for a private client in the Maldives.

Maldives 2

Danish Renewables developed a commercial scale solar project for a private client in the Maldives.


Danish Renewables is an ambitious developer of renewable energy projects.

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About Danish renewables

Danish Renewables is a sustainable energy company founded in Copenhagen in 2014. Danish Renewables is committed to the transformation of the world's energy mix from fossil fuels to renewable energy such as solar and wind power.


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